I am often asked about the supplies I use. On this page you will find a list of supplies I recommend. Click on the direct link to where you can purchase them on Amazon.com


Daniel Smith Watercolors are my all time favorites. This listing here is for a “beginner set”. It is an affordable way to introduce yourself to these great paints without mortgaging your house!

Peerless Watercolors are super transparent and vibrant watercolors. This handy little kit is a great way to travel with watercolors if you do not want to take your tubes or pan watercolors on an airplane. The colors are applied onto a fabric board and are easy to activate with an aqua brush.

Camera Equipment:

I currently am working with the Canon Rebel SL-2 DSLR camera. I use it to shoot videos and take reference photographs. It is light weight and allows for interchangeable lens. I have also put a listing for an affordable zoom lens that allows me to take excellent pictures of birds and insects.

Drawing Supplies

Here is a listing of the papers, pencils and sharpeners I use on a daily basis. They are archival and a great joy to work with.

This is the best pencil sharpener I have ever used! If the Rapesco 64 is out of supply, the Rapesco 74 is an excellent replacement. You will never get a better pencil point from a sharpener. It works great with graphite and colored pencils.

Strathmore Series 400 drawing paper is an artist grade all around excellent choice for graphite and colored pencil. It has a medium texture and allows many layers as well as holding up to erasing without damaging the paper.

Tombow Drawing Pencils are my absolute favorite!!! There are many brands available but I think these pencils are superior. This listing is for a range of pencils as well as a great little eraser that comes in handy to lift out tine highlights.