Welcome to Artistic Adventure Tours!

For over 25 years Mindy Lighthipe has offered artists and photographers the opportunity to travel to exotic locations to draw and photograph the flora and fauna.

On the tours we make the rainforest your artistic classroom! With over 25 years of experience we have carefully picked locations that offer opportunities that are not available to tourists. We offer private, behind the scenes tours that not only get you up-close-and-personal but also help fund conservation and rehabilitation to many animals and plants that people rarely see.

Professional artist Mindy Lighthipe teaches how to document accurate field sketches. Novice and professional artists will benefit from Mindy’s broad understanding of animal and insect anatomy along with plant morphology. Learning to sketch from life, record color notes, and take research photographs are covered so artists obtain everything they need for future paintings. Learn  to shoot research photos of subjects like red-eyed tree frogs, tropical flowers, and insects. Get comfortable with your camera and learn how to use it to capture breathtaking wildlife in action, regardless of your camera equipment or knowledge of photography.

For 2018 I am offering a fantastic trip to Costa Rica!