Scan Your Art!

"T is for Tuxedo" #32 of #Paint52


"T is for Tuxedo" watercolor & ink original by Mindy Lighthipe ©2012

I had a blast painting this little piece. It took me about a week or so to figure out the colors. I spent a lot of time on the drawing and inked it with a black micron pen. I didn't realize how complicated the design was and the only thing I knew for sure was that the cat had to be black and white! I scanned the image into my computer and printed it out in a smaller size. The original is 8" x 10". I printed several small b&w versions, about 5" x 7" each onto watercolor paper. I quickly made some color choices. This was very helpful. I painted about 4 versions….. After the first one, I took what I liked and didn't like and went to the next version. It was a great process to go through and by the time I was done I had a clear plan.  I have never done this before and I highly recommend it for design work. My paintings are normally done from life so the color is decided for me. If I had I painted it like I did my first version, I would have been miserable. The color was all wrong. I would have needed to ink it again and start over. Thank goodness for computer skills……. speaking of this……..

I promised you a blog post about scanning art. It has taken me about 2-3 weeks to write this tutorial about scanning. At first I was just going to simply do a blog post. I recently got a program called "Dragon Dictate" and it allows me to talk into a microphone. As I talk, the computer types.This is an awesome way to get my thoughts and words into typed form. Once I finished talking, there was text ready to edit and I began adding images of each step. I started this tutorial/blog post/project by creating a card from this painting. The painting is from an assignment that I did in Val Webb's online "Drawn & Decorated" Class. (A new section of this class starts November 16th. I highly recommend it!) As I went through the process of making a greeting card, I took screen shots. Before I realized it, I had over 18 pages with step by step instructions, text and coordinating images! It is way too big to put into the blog post. I am in the process of creating a downloadable PDF/eBook. I am researching the best way to get it on my blog so that I can offer it to you as a download. The cost of this ebook is $1.99 and gives you a "bonus tutorial" on "Preparing Images for the Internet". There are many tutorials on working with photographs in Photoshop, but not many that deal with artists and scanning paintings. Here is a sneak peak from the book! I hope that you find it useful. If you "click" on each page a new window will open in your viewfinder for easier reading.